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17 Literary Costumes that Make Your Ebola Hazmat Doctor Suit Look Lame (Plus 9 Famous Scribes in Costume)

These are the costumes you should have dressed in this year.

As you’re making your way to the punchbowl at tonight’s Halloween parties, you will no doubt see some literary costumes scattered amongst the witches, wizards and this year’s favorite cliché, the Ebola Hazmat Doctor Suit.

Here are some of our favorite writer- and literary-inspired costumes from around the web. These are the costumes you should have dressed in this year. The costumes that make everyone else’s look lame. The costumes that will win you a $50 giftcard to Applebees or somewhere else you don’t want to eat.

Trick or treat, witches!


The “My kid is cuter than yours” Humpty Dumpty



The Alice in Wonderland



The “I’m a sexy writer; push my buttons”



The Drunk Hemingway (er Hemingway)



The Violet Beauregarde



The Wildest Things at the party



The Mary Poppins



The Twilight book cover



The “Let’s smoke some pot after Mary Poppins and the Twilight book cover go home” Hunter S. Thompson



Things 1 and 2



The Oscar Wilde



The Nancy Drew



The Mark Twain



Gandolf, the great (but unoriginal)



The “I’m three years behind on my reading list” Fifty Shades of Grey



The ever-popular and not so creative Edgar Allan Poe



Or our personal favorite, the creative amalgam of two Halloween clichés, Edgar Allan Ho


If you’re lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, you might even run into someone famous like these nine costumed scribes, shown together in a graphic by Essay Mama.


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October 31, 2014
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