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5 secrets to kick-starting your successful freelance writing business

Two weeks ago, we shared five free PowerPoint templates you can use to create your own eye-popping infographics. (Note: That …

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5 fast, easy and free infographic templates you can use today

Do you like well-done infographics? Here at Stuff Writers Like, we love infographics—they catch readers’ eyes, and if done right, …

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The science behind the best time to write and think creatively may surprise you

Are you a morning person? Maybe you should save all of your problem solving for late at night. Do you come up with all of your best ideas when everyone else is sleeping? Maybe you should jot them down and wait to write about them the next morning. Does this all sound counter intuitive to you? Then you need to check out this infographic ...

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55 blog post types readers love to share

If you adapt and adopt just five to 10 of these blog post types, your audience—and your organization—will grow as a result.

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Face your fears, shake them off and move on—with a slightly quicker pace

In a moment of courage, or fear, or madness, I spun around, and in a single moment, stutter-stepped in the direction of my attacker, shook my fist in a display of dominance and screamed at the dog in the most Alpha voice I could muster, "Git the hell outta here, dog!"

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