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Face your fears, shake them off and move on—with a slightly quicker pace

Today, as a new Year is upon us, I’d like to share a short story from my dear friend, Garrett Gossett, a childhood chum and college roommate.

Yesterday, as I pondered the opportunities for the New Year and those gained and lost in 2014, I opened his email.

It contained a short story that lifted my spirits and excited me for what the New Year holds.

I’ve taken the liberty of naming it “A quick run.”

A Quick Run

By Garrett Gossett

I went for a quick run yesterday. Right on Scaleybark and downhill to the light at Woodlawn. Right on Woodlawn and up past the gas station, then right on Murrayhill.

In the neighborhood and off the busier streets, it is darker, traffic is lighter.

I heard the lady yelling from her yard in front of me, to the left, off a side street.

Then I saw the dog. In front of me. Closer. In the yard on the corner.

It was barking.

The lady yelled some more. Not yet panicked. But the dog was between us.

I had captured its attention.

I jogged past. The pitch of the bark changed. Alert now. The dog was chasing me.

Remain calm. Keep running.

It was on my heels. I could feel its breath on my calves. The lady yelled louder. She must have thought she was being stern now and that her sweet puppy would finally obey her commands. I could imagine the torn flesh, the pain, the blood.

Was it getting closer?

Was this just for show?

Has this dog bitten anyone before?

In a moment of courage, or fear, or madness, I spun around, and in a single moment, stutter-stepped in the direction of my attacker, shook my fist in a display of dominance and screamed at the dog in the most Alpha voice I could muster, “Git the hell outta here, dog!”

Pause, just for a breath, stand your ground, let that sink into the canine brain.

Then turn around and continue running.

With a slightly quicker pace.

Here’s to facing our fears in 2015, shaking them off and moving on—with a slightly quicker pace.

Happy New Year!

Photo by GORE-TEX

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December 31, 2014
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