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  • 5 Writers You Need in Your Tribe

    Do yourself a favor: Find your writing tribe! Whether they’re online, in person, or ghosts in the attic, spending time and sharing creativity with other writers will push you toward your goals and keep things fun. Writer brains are...

  • Watch Out for These Words [Infographic]

    May 10,2017 / Editing Infographics / 0 Comments

    The English language is complex and inconsistent. Understanding commonly confused and misused words is indispensable for clear, effective writing. Impress your readers (and publishers!) with perfect prose. This infographic from Listmonde...

  • Spot a Reputable Lit Mag

    How to Spot a Reputable Lit Mag

    May 03,2017 / Creative writing Fiction / 0 Comments

    After all the time and energy you spend crafting your stories, you want to know the literary magazine you’re submitting to will be a good home for your work. With so many disreputable publications out there, how do you differentiate...

  • Literary Salon

    Literary Salons

    April 26,2017 / Creative writing Poetry Writer lifestyle / 1 Comments

    Recently, I experienced the great delight and terror of being invited to read at my first literary salon, as part of Aberdeen’s Inspiration Point weekend. But what is a literary salon? I imagined worthy men of the enlightenment...

  • Last Meals

    A Writer's Last Meal

    What would your last meal be? That is always an interesting question and one that folks become unexpectedly heated while discussing. Are you kidding? A freakin’ hamburger? What someone would choose for their last meal on earth says a...

  • Writing Breaks

    Take Writing Breaks [Infographic]

    April 12,2017 / Freelance Writer lifestyle Writing process / 0 Comments

    To be the most productive and hit your word count target, make use of your off time as well as your work time! Taking breaks is an important and often underemphasized way to increase productivity. But there is a method to the...

Shareable writer quotes

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  • miller Fiction and invention are of the very fabric of life
  • Beckett I am an analyzer
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  • thomas-jefferson-most-valuable-talents-never-using-two-words-one-will-do
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