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  • Writers, Get Your Wands

    March 21,2018 / Creative writing Writer lifestyle / 0 Comments

    You know the story. Harry’s eleven years old when he gets his letter. A few days later, there’s a large man with an umbrella turning his cousin into a pig and saying, “Yer a wizard, Harry.” That’s sort of like becoming a...

  • Assess Your Plot

    March 14,2018 / Fiction Infographics Storytelling / 0 Comments

    Joseph Campbell's stages of the hero's journey inform a massive number of books, television shows, and movies. The structure is not genre-specific, and if you're not sure where your plot should go next, consulting the common path of the...

  • What Do I Blog About?

    March 07,2018 / Blogging Writer lifestyle / 0 Comments

    Blogging is a great tool for building an audience and connecting with readers—and other writers. We spend so much time typing out words and stringing together sentences. Knocking out a blog post or two each week should be no big deal,...

  • Create a Successful Author Blog

    February 28,2018 / Blogging Digital marketing / 0 Comments

    I’ve made some spectacular blunders in my blogging career. But since we learn from our mistakes, I’ve got a boatload of information now. As Ruth and I say: “We made the mistakes so you don’t have to.” The worst decision I...

  • Spot the Online Writer

    February 21,2018 / Social networking Writer lifestyle / 0 Comments

    Twitter is the water cooler for writers. It’s where we go to socialize, procrastinate, and encourage each other. While every writer is crazy in their own special way, you may come across a few types of writers on Twitter: 1. The Word...

  • Overcome Your Writing Demons

    February 14,2018 / Infographics Writer lifestyle Writing process / 0 Comments

    Every writer faces challenges. Writers don’t face off against other writers. There is no enemy or other team to fight, so the most difficult adversary is often our own emotions. To write a good story, we have to deal with our own egos,...

Shareable writer quotes

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  • thomas-jefferson-most-valuable-talents-never-using-two-words-one-will-do
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