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How not using comic sans will save the world …

Want to know how to save money when you print? This just in: Comic sans is not only the world's worst font; it's also the most costly to print.

In fact, comic sans is so bad that NOT using it can save the world … a lot of money, that is.

According to Pixartprinting, an online printing service, the favorite font of misguided executives and 7-year-olds everywhere, comic sans, is one of the most expensive fonts to print. (Tweet it!)

OK, so maybe it won’t do anything for the rain forest, or the baby seals, or the polar bears, or the ozone layer, but it it will save the world a lot of money—and a little bit of sanity, too.

Share this with your comic-sans-using friends. If it still isn’t enough to convince them that comic sans is the devil of all fonts, then, well, you should probably stop being friends.

more proof comic sans is the worst font ever

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September 5, 2014
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