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How to run your website like a shark

Ever wonder how to run your website like the sharks on Shark Tank? Well, here's how ...

Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows on television. Have you seen it?

It’s where millionaire and billionaire investors—sharks like FUBU’s Daymond John and Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban—partner with small companies to provide the expertise and capital needed to become huge players in their markets, in exchange for royalties, equity and/or cash from the venture.

As I watch, I usually hop online to look up the most interesting ventures. The first place I start is the company’s website. As I dig deeper, I wonder things like:

  •  What content management system do these guys use?

  •  What ecommerce solution do they use?

  •  How do these platforms impact their success or failure?

  •  Can I apply anything they’re doing well to something I’m doing not as well?

  •  Wait—stop everything—is one of my Alaska survival shows about to come on?

Well, thanks to the fine folks over at WPEngine, who created this nice infographic about how the Sharks run their sites, now I have the answers.

And if you want to run your website like a shark, then this infographic will be of interest to you, too …




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