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What Do I Blog About?

5 Blog Post Ideas for Writers

Blogging is a great tool for building an audience and connecting with readers—and other writers. We spend so much time typing out words and stringing together sentences. Knocking out a blog post or two each week should be no big deal, right?

Sometimes, thinking of something to blog about feels like hitting your head against the wall. I call this “blogging block.”

Next time you’re stuck for ideas, try blogging about one of these topics:

1. What You’re Reading

As writers, we draw a ton of inspiration from the books we read. We analyze books as both a reader and a writer, considering what the author did that worked. Try blogging about the book you’re reading, but don’t make it a book review. Approach it from a writer’s perspective. Do you like the book? Why? What techniques did the author use that’s helping you connect with the story (or not)? This can be a valuable exercise for your readers and for yourself.

2. Your Dreams and Goals

Blog about things you want to accomplish. This can be writing-related or not. Maybe you want to be published. Maybe you want to visit an exotic new place. Maybe you just want to get through the day without spilling coffee on your shirt. Take a moment to write down what you want. Put your goals and dreams out into the world, and encourage your readers to do the same. Positive energy makes things happen.

3. Something You Wish You’d Known

Every writer is at a different stage in their career and writing journey. But whether you’re a newbie or have twenty published books under your belt, there are things you wish you would have known earlier—whether two months ago or twenty years ago. Blog about them, and help others avoid making the same mistakes you did. This could be related to the craft. Maybe you used way too many ellipses when you started, or maybe you didn’t take the time to get to know your characters. Or it could be related to the business. The publishing process can be extremely opaque for new writers and authors. Taking a moment to share your experience and make the process a bit more transparent can have a huge impact on another writer’s journey.

4. Something That Makes You Happy

A writing blog doesn’t have to be all about writing! Blog about that new recipe you tried or about your vacation. For most of us, writing and life are one and the same. They feed each other, so don’t feel limited to blogging only about commas and ISBN numbers.

5. Something You’re Passionate About

Writers tend to feel things deeply. We see conflict in the world and feel like it’s targeted directly at us. Most of all, we feel the need to do something about the issues we see around us. When that happens, use the strongest tool you have: your words. Share your thoughts and emotions, and keep conversations moving. Not everyone will agree with your point of view, but the ability to voice our opinions and emotions in a respectful, constructive way is sorely missing. Add to it whenever you can.

Get Blogging!

Blogging serves many purposes for writers. It helps us connect with readers. It’s a great way to make writer friends. It provides an outlet for thoughts and emotions that our writing doesn’t. And it’s a way to give back to the writing community! Next time you’re not sure what to blog about, check out this list and blog your heart out.


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