5 Ways to Hear Your Imaginary Friends

Beat Writer's Block

It’s been said that writer’s block is when your imaginary friends won’t talk to you. Maybe you made them angry. Maybe they’re just too tired to deal with you. Whatever the case, here are a few tips to get your imaginary friends chatting so you can get back to writing.

1. Give them a present.

If your imaginary friends are giving you the cold shoulder, butter them up with a gift. Try a new pen and notebook or a nice laptop case. Bribery always works, and the new swag can make you feel more like writing, too.

2. Take them on a trip.

A change of scenery can take your imaginary friends from quiet to downright chatty. They get stuck in ruts, too, you know. Sometimes they need a little change. Get them out of their comfort zone and let the new surrounding spark the conversation.

3. Let them rest and recharge.

Your imaginary friends aren’t ignoring you—they’re just tired! Give them a rest. Put writing on the back burner and let them think about something else. Make sure they’re getting plenty of sleep. (They only sleep when you do!) And feed them right. Remember, caffeine is not a replacement for self-care, and eventually your friends will start feeling sluggish and quiet.

4. Write them a letter.

Everybody appreciates a handwritten letter. Sit down and write your imaginary friends a nice note explaining why they should start talking to you again. Let them know how much you miss their input. Maybe they’ll see fit to grace you with their ideas. Writing leads to writing, so even if it’s not the project you want to be working on, even writing a letter to your imaginary friends will get things going.

5. Ask nicely.

Don’t yell at your imaginary friends! They’ll only clam up. Getting frustrated and angry doesn’t help the situation—even though it feels natural. Relax, breathe, and give your friends a chance to talk to you again. Don’t give up on them. They’ll come around.

Talk to Your Imaginary Friends

They may be quiet, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone. Give your imaginary friends space and time. Take care of them and be nice. I promise, they won’t abandon you. Before you know it, they’ll be chatting up a storm and your pages will be full of beautiful words.


Photo by Michael Coghlan

August 23, 2017
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