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A Look Back at Our 2015 Writing Contest Winners

With the deadline to submit your writing entry for our 2016 Writing Contest just around the corner (April 20, 2016), it’s a good time to look back at last year’s winners to see how others claimed our top spots.

Here are the three winning pieces from last year’s contest. In addition to the gift card and winner badges, we also shared their works on our social channels for the entire year.

If you have not already registered for the writing contest—it’s 100% free, by the way—please sign up here to receive all the details by email, including the link to submit your writing entry so you may compete for the $100 Grand Prize. Click here →

1) 2015 Grand Prize Winner: Gifts of the Boneyard by Pia Kealey

Last year’s winning piece and recipient of the $100 Grand Prize was Pia Kealey’s Gifts of the Boneyard, an artful description of why its so important to save stalled works in your “boneyard” so you can later revisit them, revive them, and reshape them into the works they were meant to become.

2) 2015 Runner Up: Examining Description by A.R. Braun

Last year’s runner up was Examining Description by A.R. Braun, a helpful reminder about why its so important to stop for a moment to define and develop your characters—who they are, how they move, what they do—before you sit down to pour their stories out onto the page.

3) 2015 Editor’s Pick: Why More Authors Should Use Micro Chapters by Firas Janabi

Last year’s runner up was Why More Authors Should Use Micro Chapters by Firas Janabi, a practical examination of how packaging your writing into short sections can help capture readers’ attention and propel them through your work.

We already have a few dozen writing entries for our 2016 Writing Contest, and I must say it’s going to be an incredibly difficult to decision this year. The good news for you is 1) there’s still time to enter your work and 2) there are only a couple dozen other writers with whom you must compete, so your odds are good.

Click here ( to learn more and register now—it’s 100% free to enter, and you don’t even have to submit a writing entry to qualify for the $25 draw prize.


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April 6, 2016
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