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Oh, the places you will go … in your sleep

Sleep has always been a cruel mistress for me. I love sweet, dreamy slumber, but sleep has not always returned …

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Step 1 to tactfully find writing work over the holidays: Fix your LinkedIn profile

A recent report says job-hunters are more likely to find a job over the holidays, because there’s less competition, the season puts people in a receptive mood, and all those parties and family gatherings overflow with networking opportunities. But don't forget to optimize your LinkedIn profile first.

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ParaFAIL: How I got jerked 450 feet in the air via giant wedgy

This is the story of how I went cursing, hurling and hurdling toward a horrified group of tourists at about 30 miles per hour—then belly-flopped on a speedboat and swore off water sports for good.

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Marketing writers, do you know what your readers like to EAT?

When serving marketing messages to your readers for dinner, you must never confuse the food for the plate.

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We had a pet alligator named Larry, and the cat ate him

So I was in a staff meeting, and the topic of alligators came up. (No, I don’t remember how. Yes, …

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The 5 Pillars of Pillar Content

The most successful organizations are ultra-clear with their customers about what they can offer and what they cannot—this defines their …

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