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Stephen King Confesses: The Critics Who Dissed Me Are Dead (video: 2:44)

The King of horror met the new king of late night TV this week, and the interview may shed light …

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20 questions and a selfie: A day in the life of D.V. Bennett, sci-fi writer, woodcarver and martial artist

"The very first 'real' book that I ever read was a 1957 children’s novel penned by Edward Ormondroyd. The title was 'David and the Phoenix.' I loved the book. It made me cry .... After reading about David and his adventures with the Phoenix, the gloves were off. I decided to try my own hand at the creative act of will called writing, and I discovered that I enjoyed it very much."

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Examining Description

Beginning writers often write description without stopping to think, when they should take their time and let the exposition flow. Instead of simply writing, “Tim walked toward the door, then stopped. He freaked out at what he saw. He trembled. Then he ran.” One could write ...

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20 questions and a selfie: A day in the life of Peter Hogenkamp, author of the Jesuit thriller series

Ten years ago, Peter picked up a pencil on a Saturday night and started writing a novel on an old college notebook he found underneath the sofa. Most of it ended up in the filter of his sister-in-law's swimming pool the following spring—true story—but by then it was too late; he'd (re)caught the writing bug. He needed to keep writing.

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