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3 Prompts to Break a Writing Rut

Writing prompts are a fantastic way to get out of a writing rut. We’ve all experienced them. Sometimes every story you write seems to have the same settings, the same characters, the same conflict. Sometimes you feel like you’re writing the same story over and over. ...

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Distractions? What Distractions?

Today we're excited to share the final award-winning entry from our 2016 Writing Contest, our Editor's Pick. Please stay tuned for other noteworthy entries in coming issues.

            Lil’-bit heads back to where Papa has his “office” carrying some random item she’s picked out from the toy-strewn floor of her play/entertainment area, (what Nanny and Papa call a living room).

            In the background, Thomas the Tank Engine and his fellow trains can be heard facing another choo-choo challenge, all in Dolby HD, as Lil’-bit breaches the domain of the Sanctum Sanctorum, (known to mere mortals as the dining room), where Papa has set up ‘office’. ...

I can see old ‘Papa’ chuckling to himself, “Distractions, what distractions?” as he continues his perusal of the e-zine currently occupying his monitor. ...

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Submission Survival Guide: Your Swiss Army Knife for the submission jungle

Now that our 2016 Writing Contest winner has had a couple of weeks to bask in the spotlight, today and over the next two Fridays, we will unveil our two Runner Up winners and our Editor's Pick. Please stay tuned! Today we have for you our first runner up ...

Submission Survival Guide: Your Swiss Army Knife for the submission jungle

Whether you’re submitting to literary magazines, querying your manuscript, or applying to be crowned ruler of the world, you’ve got a tough road ahead of you. There will be heartbreak, betrayal, and disillusionment—and that’s just in the trailer.

But I’ve got a few tips to make it easier. Nothing fancy, but they might help you out in a pinch. Think of this article as a Swiss Army Knife for the submission jungle. ...

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Don’t Let Perfect be the Enemy of Good: One Secret to Creative Success

Writing Contest update One week left for entries. Learn more here.

My copywriting mentor says it all the time: "Don't let perfect be the enemy of good."

Now, some people misunderstand him, thinking he's suggesting settling for less, what's already done, the status quo. That could not be further from the truth.

What "don't let perfect be the enemy of good" means is, having a grander plan in play does not justify sidelining the good work you have already done. Now, this general life advice can mean different things to different people in different situations. However, here's how I choose to apply it to both my creative and business endeavors (which often go hand-in-hand) ...

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Want to increase your online conversions? There’s a formula for that!

Do you want to move more books, increase your website traffic, gain more email subscribers, generate more leads, or sell …

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5 fast, easy and free infographic templates you can use today

Do you like well-done infographics? Here at Stuff Writers Like, we love infographics—they catch readers’ eyes, and if done right, …

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