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Anne Whitaker
Writing from the Twelfth House
I write from curiosity - and a desire to entertain and inspire. Preoccupations: meaning, mystery, pattern, purpose...
Central Glasgow, Scotland, UK
28 years as a writer


Born and raised in the storm-tossed stark beauty of the Scottish Western Isles where my love for nature, sky and seascapes first arose. Driven always by restless curiosity about why we are here, and what we have to do to feel there is a point to it all. Diverse work record, mostly vocational but not without its forays into interesting byways, eg the British Merchant Navy whose honourable discharge papers I hold, as well as a university Arts degree, and post-graduate qualifications in education, social work and psychological astrology...

I have always written in one context or another, with published work in newspapers, magazines and journals in the UK and USA in recent years; nearly always taught adult education students in a rich variety of settings; counselled for a long time both in social work and private practice; supervised social work and counselling students; taught and practised as a professional astrologer.

After a very long sabbatical, during which I concentrated on writing, from 1st May 2012 I am happy to have resumed both my astrology practice and my counselling practice on a part-time basis.

First book “Jupiter Meets Uranus” was published in the USA by the American Federation of Astrologers (2009). There are four newly-published, updated e-books now available from my website:
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