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PLEASE READ: Paid gigs are offered here thanks to our partners at You must be a Stuff Writers Like member to bid. Please click here to sign up free and submit your original writing sample. You can submit one of the pieces below or something else that comes to mind. Gig types marked “SWL” are for publication on Gigs marked “Com” are for commercial clients. We offer three rate tiers: $10, $20 and Premium (use tabs at bottom of sheet to navigate). Review our open gigs and contact our copy desk editor, bob[at], to bid. The Rate column shows our recommended bid. Please format your subject line, including your bid and article title, like so: My Bid: $10 for ‘Title of Article.’ Our ideas are for inspiration only; please make them your own. So in your bid, insert the tentative title of the work you plan to submit. Bob will be in touch with further instructions.

Note: If the list of writing gigs does not appear above, please refresh the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paid gigs are pretty straightforward. Browse our article ideas on this page. When you see an idea you like or want to riff off of, click the “Contact to bid” link and shoot us your bid. (If you on a small screen, you may need to scroll right to see the link.) Be sure to include the title of the piece you would like to write, along with anything else you want us to know about it. One of our editors will get back to you with more information. Bid recommendations are set according to the expected time involved, required expertise and unique value. Pieces with higher bid amounts may require higher levels of guidance from our staff.

For paid gigs managed by our partner agency, Copywriter Factory, you will receive payment from our holding company, Copywriter Brands LLC, via PayPal or Venmo 30-60 days after publishing. We aim to pay within 15 days; however, it is not always possible depending on the project.

Absolutely, please do! As long as it’s well written, about writing and written to writers, it belongs on

As you can tell, the tone of our stuff is usually pretty loose and light-hearted. Sometimes a little irreverent. Never rude or vulgar. Our editors lean toward AP style, but Chicago, Yahoo! and other common guides are acceptable in most cases. Premium gigs are more likely to include detailed style guidelines per client specifications. Writing with blatant disregard for grammar and punctuation standards is generally not accepted.

Once you send your bid, one of our editors will reply with any questions about your background and/or instructions about the piece, such as style, tone, specific links or other items to include. Oftentimes, there is little or nothing to add, and the content is entirely up to you. As bids increase, so will guidance from our copy editors.

Our audience, as you would expect, is almost entirely writers. So … write to writers; write about an aspect of writing you know something about; make it entertaining, interesting and useful; and finally write for the web using clean, clear, crisp prose. That’s about it, really

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