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A Writer’s Last Meal

What would your last meal be? That is always an interesting question and one that folks become unexpectedly heated while …

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How to Write a Terrible Love Scene

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day, whether you had a date with your characters or with a real-life human being! Always the cynic, I thought I would take the opportunity to eradicate all shreds of romance. You can take these suggestions seriously if you’re on a mission to make your reader cringe, or you can laugh them off and write a google-eyed romance. It’s up to you—I claim no responsibility. Whatever you choose, here are 6 ways to write a terrible love scene. ...

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The Freelance Life

Hey, freelancers! Let’s talk about this crazy, hectic life in the best way possible: Friends GIFs!

When the freelancing bug bites you, there’s no turning back. You will make a living without a boss or a time clock. You shall never answer to anyone again! ...

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The Writing Process in GIFs

If you’re a fledgling writer, or perhaps a non-writer looking to make the leap into our crazy world, you may have some questions about the writing process. Where do I start? Do I need a permit?

In recognition of these harrowing questions facing new writers, I’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to the writing process. Follow these to the tee, and you, my friend, will enjoy crippling self-doubt, unhealthy attachments to characters, and fabulous days of writing five thousand words in twelve hours before collapsing into a pile of notebooks.

This is the life. ...

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Going Medieval on Plagiarists: Their Nine Circles of Hell (infographic)

Plagiarism: the worst of the worst, the lowest of the low, the absolute worst crime a writer can commit. In the style of Dante’s Inferno, this infographic details the nine levels of plagiarism. ...

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The Secret World of Writers in 8 GIFs

Writers are private creatures. We like to tuck ourselves away, sliding manuscript pages under our doors and showing our characters' faces more than our own. But every now and then, if you feed us plenty of coffee and muffins, we'll give you a glimpse into our secret world.

And here are the GIFs to prove it ...

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