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19 Writers with Scary-as-Hell ‘Writer Hair’

Writers—let's face it; we're not known for our hygiene, and few of us will win any style awards.

Perhaps that's why terms like "writer hair" are part of the English language.

Maybe it's the late-night writing sessions—with the hand-wringing and the running of our fingers through our hair as if a gentle tug will pluck just the right word from its roots.

Suffice it to say, the stereotype is often true: We're kind of an unkempt bunch.

So with Halloween coming up, and no dearth of examples to choose from, we figured we'd list some of the scariest writer hairdos we can find. Please add any we've forgotten in the comments at the bottom.

In reverse alphabetical order, here we go ...

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Stephen King Confesses: The Critics Who Dissed Me Are Dead (video: 2:44)

The King of horror met the new king of late night TV this week, and the interview may shed light …

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Auburn Football Fans Already Know Their In-State Rivals Can’t Tell Time—Now This

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Oh, the places you will go … in your sleep

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ParaFAIL: How I got jerked 450 feet in the air via giant wedgy

This is the story of how I went cursing, hurling and hurdling toward a horrified group of tourists at about 30 miles per hour—then belly-flopped on a speedboat and swore off water sports for good.

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We had a pet alligator named Larry, and the cat ate him

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