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Living la vida loca. Seriously, you have to be a little crazy to live the writer’s lifestyle.



Compare Your Writing Quirks [Infographic]

Writers can be a bit odd. Sometimes we feel like the strangest people in the world. We talk to ourselves when no one is around (and when they are). We perform strange habits and rituals to help the words flow. We people-watch habitually.

The good news is we’re in good company! Writers throughout history have had weird quirks and habits, including some of the best authors of all time. Custom Writing has put together this infographic of famous writers’ quirks. ...

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Writers, Get Your Wands

You know the story. Harry’s eleven years old when he gets his letter. A few days later, there’s a large man with an umbrella turning his cousin into a pig and saying, “Yer a wizard, Harry.”

That’s sort of like becoming a writer.

When you’re eleven—or ten, or six—you tell your first story. You write it down and show it to a parent, teacher, or friend. And they like it. Something fires up in your brain, and you know you’re going to be doing this for a long, long time.

Writing makes you feel whole and free in a way that nothing else does. It’s not an easy journey, mind you. There are plenty of hurdles. Sometimes the writing itself can feel nearly impossible. Sometimes friends and family won’t understand why you dedicate so much time and energy to a “hobby.” And sometimes the rejection letters will feel like evil creatures tormenting you. ...

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What Do I Blog About?

Blogging is a great tool for building an audience and connecting with readers—and other writers. We spend so much time typing out words and stringing together sentences. Knocking out a blog post or two each week should be no big deal, right?

Sometimes, thinking of something to blog about feels like hitting your head against the wall. I call this “blogging block.”

Next time you’re stuck for ideas, try blogging about one of these topics:

1. What You’re Reading

As writers, we draw a ton of inspiration from the books we read. We analyze books as both a reader and a writer, considering what the author did that worked. Try blogging about the book you’re reading, but don’t make it a book review. Approach it from a writer’s perspective. Do you like the book? Why? What techniques did the author use that’s helping you connect with the story (or not)? This can be a valuable exercise for your readers and for yourself. ...

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Spot the Online Writer

Twitter is the water cooler for writers. It’s where we go to socialize, procrastinate, and encourage each other. While every writer is crazy in their own special way, you may come across a few types of writers on Twitter:

1. The Word Count Crusher

This Twitter writer posts tweet after tweet about nailing insane word counts. “Wrote 10k words before breakfast this morning.” You’ll often find them hanging out at #writingsprints or #5amwriters. If you want to get some writing done, this is the person to follow. Seeing their tweets in your news feed will have you whipping out your manuscript and trying to keep up. ...

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Overcome Your Writing Demons

Every writer faces challenges. Writers don’t face off against other writers. There is no enemy or other team to fight, so the most difficult adversary is often our own emotions. To write a good story, we have to deal with our own egos, insecurities, and weaknesses. Conquering our own emotional challenges can be far more difficult than decoding style manuals.

To help us onto the right track—and to remind us we’re not alone—Become a Writer Today has put together an infographic of how 11 great writers overcome their demons. ...

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Conquer the Writing Blues

In general, writing is not a particularly joyful occupation—not all the time, anyway. Writer’s aren’t circus clowns or cheerful mascots. A large portion of our job involves digging into painful emotions and memories.

Once that’s over, we get to take out our highlighters and edit those raw emotions. We put aside our humanity and shape them into something like literature, ignoring the fact that just moments ago we were bleeding them onto the page.

Then, after we’ve deluded ourselves into believing the worst is over, we submit those words for publication and allow others to judge them. Rejection is part of a writer’s daily life.

It’s no wonder the blues can sneak up on a writer and catch them in a stranglehold. Here are some tactics I’ve tried to stave off the blues (and some others that might just work). ...

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