The Secret World of Writers in 8 GIFs

Writers are private creatures. We like to tuck ourselves away, sliding manuscript pages under our doors and showing our characters’ faces more than our own. But every now and then, if you feed us plenty of coffee and muffins, we’ll give you a glimpse into our secret world.

And here are the GIFs to prove it.

Writers are convinced that the secret to writing will be revealed on social media, if only we watch our feeds closely enough.

Stephen King and J.K. Rowling have Twitter accounts, right?



We like causing trouble, and we can justify anything as research. I mean anything.

I’m writing a story about the daily challenges of being a box.



We spend a lot of time people-watching. Malls and grocery stores are prime spots, but don’t be surprised if you catch us spying or eavesdropping on conversations. Because real life is weirder than anything we could dream up.

And I thought my blues-singing, half-alien, purple protagonist was the pinnacle of strange.



We love to smell books. Old or new, they will be sniffed and lovingly caressed as often as they are read.

It smells like vanilla, pressed flower petals, and adventure.



Our animals always cause problems, but that won’t stop us from owning five cats, twelve dogs, and a chinchilla. Our pets are jealous of our characters, and they let us know by pawing, licking, and nibbling our fingers until they are no longer fit to write a word.

I just want to nap on your hands. Is that a problem?



We have strong wills, unwavering persistence, and intense passion. And when that’s not enough, we have coffee.

I have two-thirds of a pot of coffee, and I’m not afraid to use it.



We get so entrenched in the worlds we create, we can completely forget which reality or merely which century we live in.

Imagine a life in which every day is “one of those days.”



A writer’s world can seem strange and foreign, but it’s a friendly place. And although we often lock ourselves away, we will always make time to spend with those we love. So come on in, kick back, and take our world for a spin.

I promise, the dizziness is only temporary.


April 27, 2016
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