The Freelance Life

As Told in Friends GIFs

Hey, freelancers! Let’s talk about this crazy, hectic life in the best way possible: Friends GIFs!

When the freelancing bug bites you, there’s no turning back. You will make a living without a boss or a time clock. You shall never answer to anyone again!


When you start talking to a new client, and you try to woo them over the Internet. This smiling emoji means I’m a wonderful person. This reading GIF means I’m the one for the job.



When you sit down to work in the same place for the twelfth day in a row. The desk is covered in empty coffee cups and muffin wrappers, and there’s a pillow next to your laptop, just in case you fall asleep. Again. This chair has served me well.



Reading poor grammar in email correspondences. Sometimes it feels like decoding a secret message. Let me just edit this and send it back to you. I’ll put it on your tab.


When someone asks you to work for free. If you’ve been freelancing for ten minutes or more, this has happened. I think we need to have a serious discussion about the meaning of the term “FREElancer.”


When you’ve been working for twelve hours straight, with a deadline hovering not nearly far enough away. These strange marks on this page… Are they words? Numbers? A treasure map?


When you finally leave the house after working from home for what seems like an eternity. Even if it’s just to go to the grocery store. I’m free! Does this thing go any faster?


When Microsoft Word crashes. It’s always at the worst time, and I swear, the program laughs at you. I exorcize you from this poor computer’s soul!


When your client loves your work, and it’s all suddenly worth it.


Freelancing is a crazy life, but the rewards are well-worth the struggles. When you complete a project and send it back to a happy client, you know that your hard work made it happen. No secure paycheck or company insurance tops that feeling.

Plus, we get to spend all day in coffee shops. Sign me up for the Friends reunion. I’m ready to take my place in Central Perk.


January 20, 2017
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