20 questions and a selfie: A day in the life of Jaime Grimes, children’s book author and healthcare IT content strategist

For this installment of “20 Questions and a Selfie,” we catch up with Jaime Grimes, director of content strategy for a healthcare IT staffing firm by day, children’s book author by night.

A founding contributor to Stuff Writers Like, Jaime is an ex-journalist who says she embraced the opportunity to “sell out” for a more sustainable career in digital marketing. She has never looked back.

Jaime’s experiences in journalism still inform her writing today, however, as she remains dedicated to AP Style and is always sure to get the facts first before telling the story.

You can connect with Jaime on Twitter @jaimeg126 and at the home of her children’s book series, www.teachkidscolors.com.

Our 20 questions with Jaime start now:

1) What is your full name?

Jaime Grimes

2) What is your professional job title?

Director of Content Strategy

3) Describe your organization.

I work for a healthcare IT staffing firm that staffs for hospitals making the switch from paper medical records to electronic ones.

4) Describe your surroundings right now.

I’m already wearing PJ pants for such an early evening hour, sitting at home on my couch, with my husband and son.

5) What was your first paid writing gig?

Writing brief event pieces and college student bios for my hometown newspaper, on behalf of our local college’s PR office, when I was 16.

6) What was the last thing you wrote?

I have a series of children’s books on teaching kids colors, and I rewrote the “blue” book (coming soon!)

7) What is the next thing you plan to write?

A bio for a Salesforce MVP for one of our company B2B blogs.

8) Finish this sentence: The ideal way to start my day is …

In silence! As the mom of a 3-year-old, I rarely get those morning moments. I would get a cup of coffee and watch a cooking show—quietly!

9) Besides your computer, what is sitting on your desk right now?

A painting of a lake that my brother made. He illustrates all my children’s books.

10) So-called writer’s block is no match for you! What is your antidote?

Procrastinate until I absolutely have to write it! It’s amazing how you find the words when you have to.

11) Finish this sentence: I hate it when I read …

So-called inspirational quotes—with grammatical errors or misspellings in them. Brings out my sarcastic side!

12) What are the most important tools, programs and systems you use for your work?

At work, we have an enterprise Hubspot license, which keeps my marketing campaigns organized.

13) First book that comes to mind? Go!

“Red Barn, Red Fire Truck,” the children’s book we just released Thursday.

14) What are your favorite Internet/mobile apps and why?

I’m a boring app user! I like the Fitbit and the Mint apps.

15) What have you always wanted to write?

A children’s book with my brother illustrating it. I’m so excited we’re making it happen!

16) What is your advice for aspiring professional writers?

Accept help and advice, and only work at a daily newspaper if you want to appreciate all your future jobs.

17) First famous writer who comes to mind? Go!

Sandra Boynton, who writes my favorite children’s books

18) Finish this sentence: My favorite thing about being a writer is …

The flexibility. I love that I can work from home sometimes and put my job away when I get home.

19) Pencil versus pen—who wins and why?

Pen, because pens are just more fun. Especially a good gel ink one.

20) Finish this sentence: One word or phrase people will never read in my writing is …

The wrong usage of your and you’re, or the wrong usage of their, there and they’re. No ma’am!

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October 29, 2015
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