20 questions and a selfie: A day in the life of Patti Clark, author and inspiration trailblazer

For this installment of “20 Questions and a Selfie,” we catch up with Patti Clark, the San Francisco-born, New Zealand-based author of This Way Up: Seven Tools for Unleashing Your Creative Self and Transforming Your Life.

As a workshop facilitator for Figjam Workshops & Retreats, Patti runs workshops that ignite inspiration, using creativity as a tool for self-expression.

You can connect with Patti on Twitter @PattiClark1 and at www.thiswayupbook.com.

Our 20 questions with Patti start now:

1) What is your full name?

Patti Clark

2) What is your professional job title?

Author and Workshop Facilitator

3) Describe your organization.

Figjam Workshops & Retreats runs workshops which ignite inspiration, using creativity as a tool for self-expression.

4) Describe your surroundings right now.

Sitting at home, sun is shining, a view of the beach out my window.

5) What was your first paid writing gig?

I contributed to an anthology of articles about success in school called: “Amazing Grades.”

6) What was the last thing you wrote?

Well my journal every morning, but aside from that “This Way Up – Seven Tools for Unleashing Your Creative Self and Transforming Your Life”

7) What is the next thing you plan to write?

A sequel to This Way Up

8) Finish this sentence: The ideal way to start my day is …

to have fresh lemon water, then bring a cup of tea upstairs and journal in bed.

9) Besides your computer, what is sitting on your desk right now?

My ipod and speakers, listening to music; fresh flowers from my birthday 2 days ago!

10) So-called writer’s block is no match for you! What is your antidote?

Journal about how incredibly pissed off I am that I can’t think of anything to write!

11) Finish this sentence: I hate it when I read …

poorly written books that have wooden one-dimentional characters.

12) What are the most important tools, programs and systems you use for your work?

My journal and multi-colored pens. I use color to get the juices flowing. I write randomly til something comes, then go to the computer

13) First book that comes to mind? Go!

Creative Visualization and The Artist’s Way (it’s a tie)

14) What are your favorite Internet/mobile apps and why?

Skype, Viber and FB Messenger – all used to stay in touch with my sons wherever in the world they are.

15) What have you always wanted to write?

An accessible book to inspire women to do self-exploration and discover the answers have always been inside themselves.

16) What is your advice for aspiring professional writers?

Don’t give up . . . ever! Tenacity is so necessary. It’s so easy to get discouraged – have faith in self!

17) First famous writer who comes to mind? Go!

Annie Lamott, Richard Bach and Sue Grafton (another tie)

18) Finish this sentence: My favorite thing about being a writer is …

Time! Freedom of time for self to work when it works.

19) Pencil versus pen—who wins and why?

Pens – more color and more vivid – I just cross out and doodle over mistakes

20) Finish this sentence: One word or phrase people will never read in my writing is …

Give up, it will never work.

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April 12, 2016
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