Tips on Writing Better Villains (Video)

How and why you should spend as much time developing your villains as your heroes

Your hero is well-developed and believable. You know him or her inside and out, have created character profiles and conducted interviews, have written and rewritten the perfect backstory until your hero’s author headcanon is as long as the manuscript itself.

So why would you settle for a bland, cookie-cutter villain? A strong, believable villain is crucial, and in her Youtube video, Shade gives fantastic tips for fleshing out your villain and making him or her a true antagonist, in the best sense.

Shade is an artist, cosplayer and one of those eccentric author-people in the process of publishing her first novel. She keeps her pile of rejection letters in their own special folder and frequently drowns her pain in Korean dramas. When she is feeling more productive she likes to upload writing tips, book reviews, and vlogs about her personal writing journey on her Youtube channel. You can also find her raving about her “writer’s life” plights and joys on Twitter @MyNameIsShade.

September 29, 2016
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