Why You Should Find a Freelancer Friend

5 Reasons Freelancers Are More Fun

Are you friends with a freelancer or two? You should be! We are the best. We’re fun to hang out with. And even after a few drinks, we still keep our grammar in check. Here are a few of the best reasons to hang out with freelancers:

1. We’re always on a caffeine buzz.

The first three cups of coffee are a warmup. Freelancers down ridiculous amounts of caffeine. We may have coffee, tea, and chocolate-covered espresso beans before lunch. Let’s face it—we’re always a little bit buzzed.

2. We set our own schedules.

We may work twelve hours a day, but we choose which twelve. That means that whenever you’re free, we can be free. And while everybody else is worried about getting in bed early so they can get up for their nine-to-five job, we know we can sleep until noon! (Even though we may have to work until two in the morning to make up for it.)

3. We’re numb to high stress.

Freelancers are always under stress. Whether we’re scrounging for work, meeting crazy deadlines, or trying to figure out exactly how taxes work, we’re used to stress. That means we’re cool as a cucumber the rest of the time. What can a night out throw at us that comes close to the stress of juggling four clients and an internet stalker? That’s right, nothing. We’ll be the one making calm decisions and keeping everyone else in line.

4. We love cutting loose.

Freelancers have a lot of responsibility. If our business fails, there’s nobody to blame but numero uno. So we take any and every opportunity to shed the responsibility! A night of hanging out and talking about music and sports is the perfect end to a week (or Monday) spent stressing about business. We may have a lot on our shoulders most of the time, but when we take a day off, we are guaranteed to be chill.

5. We take any occasion to wear real clothes.

Working from home means working in a bathrobe. Going out means remembering where you left your makeup and hairbrush. We take any opportunity to dress up and feel like a human being. Going to the grocery store? Break out the ball gown.

Freelancers Just Want to Have Fun

The freelance life is crazy, fun, stressful, exciting, and all around insane. It keeps us on our toes, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything. But sometimes the stress can get to us, and we just need a night out with great friends—whether they’re other freelancers or people with “regular” jobs. Next time you’re looking for a friend to shed the stress of the workweek with, hit up your friendly neighborhood freelancer!


Photo by Ryan Harvey

March 19, 2018
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