5 fast, easy and free infographic templates you can use today

Editor’s note: HubSpot has now doubled its offer to include five more templates. You can download all 10 easily adaptable templates shown above, completely free.

Do you like well-done infographics?

Here at Stuff Writers Like, we love infographics—they catch readers’ eyes, and if done right, they deliver a message in fewer words than a text-only story ever could.

Don’t get us wrong; the written word is all-powerful. But a well-placed graphic—especially one that brings to life boring information or simplifies an otherwise arduous process—is a valuable tool for professional communicators.

That being said, even an infographic needs purposeful, succinct text to succeed. That’s probably why some of the most well-known content marketing writers in the business use them on their websites—folks like Neil Patel, one of Forbes’ top 10 marketers, as well as two of our favorite sources of information for digital marketers and communicators, HubSpot and CopyBlogger.

So when we came across these five sharp and easy-to-customize infographic templates from HubSpot—available to download and adapt for yourself completely for free—we knew we wanted to share them. Though they have been around for a couple of years already (here is the original blog post about them), their age does not diminish their usefulness.

To be clear: We do not receive a kickback or reciprocal perk of any kind for sharing these with you. We just like them and think you might, too. They are easy to work with in PowerPoint. And, again, they are 100% complimentary. But like many things worth sharing online these days, they do require you to enter some information to receive them. We find, however, that HubSpot is highly ethical in terms of its opt-out process, so as soon as you receive an email from them, you may opt-out of all future messages and be confident they will not bother you again—that is, if you just want the templates and you don’t want to follow their stuff closely like we do.

So if you are interested in creating infographics of your own, but you don’t have have the time, money or design skills to dedicate to them, check out these five templates. Not only are they ready-made and easy to use; they come pre-filled with all the information you need to learn how to adapt them for your own messaging.

Even if you are not technically savvy or visually creative in the least, trust us, you can create eye-catching, informative graphics similar to those that we share here at Stuff Writers Like.

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