Now You Can Hide that Little Blue SumoMe Button on Your Website—for Free

Rejoice, SumoMe users; you asked for it, and it’s finally here!

That dingleberry dangling from the edge of every page on your website can finally be flushed down the toilet.

Now you can hide that little blue button/ tab that Noah Kagan and his Austin hipster, Internet marketing, taco-eating minions at SumoMe have placed on your website—and thousands of others.

Kagan’s AppSumo, the umbrella over SumoMe, offers an ever-expanding suite of top-notch Internet marketing tools, but that little blue button that appears with its free plugin became a barrier to entry for me—and no doubt many other website owners—out of sheer protest.


Sure, it is tiny. Sure, few visitors click it. And sure, a case can be made for why SumoMe includes it (given the enormous power of its free tools). But none of that matters to me. Why? Because while I can accept visitors seeing a small SumoMe logo and link as they use one of SumoMe’s tools on my website, I cannot accept SumoMe placing its logo on every page of my site, visible even to people not using its tools. And more important, my clients won’t except it either.

But on Friday, Sept. 18, Kagan and clan finally came to the rescue and made the announcement about how to hide the little blue SumoMe tab/button—now absolutely free of charge—along with a set of other improvements to their suite of tools.

Here’s what SumoMe said about its blue button in the announcement:

Hide that Button for a More Discrete SumoMe Experience…

 We used to require you to go Pro or pay $5 per month if you wanted to hide the blue SumoMe badge on your website…

No more!

Now anyone can hide the badge for free.

And it’s about damn time. On a Google search for “blue SumoMe button,” you will quickly get a picture for people’s negative opinions of it—just check out this forum entry on


Comment 27 in the exchange from a SumoMe support rep (not pictured) says it all—even the support team seems to think it stinks:

 “I feel you, I do. This is not a new conversation for us. Some people just have a very adverse reaction to the tab. We understand. …”

For years, SumoMe tried to justify the tab to its users, saying that visitors rarely click it, which might be true. Yet its mere presence was no doubt a deal-breaker for many website owners otherwise interested the plugin.

Now, with the little blue tab finally hidable at no charge, it is time to give SumoMe’s tools another look. Who knows, I might like them so much I decide to upgrade to the Pro account for a few websites I manage—it’s more than likely—but with that little blue dingleberry still dangling, no way.

Thanks, SumoMe. You made the right call.

September 23, 2015
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