20 questions and a selfie: A day in the life of Carol Bodensteiner, PR pro turned freelance writer and author

For this installment of “20 Questions and a Selfie,” we catch up with Carol Bodensteiner, a public relations professional turned …

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20 questions and a selfie: A day in the life of W.W. Cass, speculative fiction author

A broadly traveled student of human behavior, W.W. Cass, Jr., creates imaginative stories of complex characters with equally complex lives. Cass self-publishes in the science fiction, mystery and adventure genres. His work balances firm scientific principles with action, drama and humor.

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20 questions and a selfie: A day in the life of self-published horror author A.R. Braun

A.R. is the author of two short-story collections, Insanity and Horrorbook, and has numerous publication credits, including "NREM Sleep" in the D.O.A. anthology; "Freaks" in Downstate Story magazine; "The Unwanted Visitors" in the Vermin anthology; "Coven" in the Heavy Metal Horror anthology; "Remember Me?" in Horror Bound magazine; and "Shades of Gray (the Symbiosis of Light and Dark)" in Micro Horror magazine. Braun's "The Interloper" won story of the month in 2009's June Full Moon in Bloom issue of SNM Horror Magazine, and the piece was included in the SNM Horror anthology, Bonded by Blood 2: a Romance in Red.

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