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Step 1 to tactfully find writing work over the holidays: Fix your LinkedIn profile

A recent report says job-hunters are more likely to find a job over the holidays, because there’s less competition, the season puts people in a receptive mood, and all those parties and family gatherings overflow with networking opportunities. But don't forget to optimize your LinkedIn profile first.

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Marketing writers, do you know what your readers like to EAT?

When serving marketing messages to your readers for dinner, you must never confuse the food for the plate.

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17 Literary Costumes that Make Your Ebola Hazmat Doctor Suit Look Lame (Plus 9 Famous Scribes in Costume)

As you’re making your way to the punchbowl at tonight’s Halloween parties, you will no doubt see some literary costumes …

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The 5 Pillars of Pillar Content

The most successful organizations are ultra-clear with their customers about what they can offer and what they cannot—this defines their …

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Have we really left “Weird Al” Yankovic to prosecute our “Word Crimes”?

I owe you an apology—for not starting Stuff Writers Like sooner. I had no idea it had gotten this bad—that …

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Social Media vs. Social Networking: It’s Time to Kill One of These Terms Forever

The best brands think about their social accounts like a casual lunch. What do your social accounts say about you? “Hey, hey, let me tell you about me!” or “Hey, friend, let’s grab lunch sometime.” Depending on your answer, it might be time to change your mindset.

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