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  • Understand Traditional vs. Self-Publishing

    Some of the most common questions I get asked working at a traditional publishing house are: Why go traditional in today's market? Why not self-publish? Aren't people making bank without all those hoops to jump through? My answer is always...

  • Why You Should Find a Freelancer Friend

    April 18,2018 / Freelance / 0 Comments

    Are you friends with a freelancer or two? You should be! We are the best. We’re fun to hang out with. And even after a few drinks, we still keep our grammar in check. Here are a few of the best reasons to hang out with freelancers: 1....

  • Compare Your Writing Quirks [Infographic]

    April 11,2018 / Creative writing Infographics Writer lifestyle / 0 Comments

    Writers can be a bit odd. Sometimes we feel like the strangest people in the world. We talk to ourselves when no one is around (and when they are). We perform strange habits and rituals to help the words flow. We people-watch...

  • Format for Success

    April 04,2018 / Creative writing Fiction / 0 Comments

    Whether you’re submitting a short story or a novel, formatting your work correctly is one of the simplest things you can do to give your piece a fighting chance at acceptance. The hard truth is that agents and editors are looking for...

  • Addressing Snobbery in Publishing

    March 28,2018 / Creative writing Publishing books and ebooks / 0 Comments

    I work with all different types of authors, those who are hoping to secure a publishing deal, those who are chasing the self-publishing dream and even a couple who have gone on to secure a deal with one of the big five (or six, or whatever...

  • Writers, Get Your Wands

    March 21,2018 / Creative writing Writer lifestyle / 0 Comments

    You know the story. Harry’s eleven years old when he gets his letter. A few days later, there’s a large man with an umbrella turning his cousin into a pig and saying, “Yer a wizard, Harry.” That’s sort of like becoming a...

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